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Things to do in New York City, USA

You may have heard New York being referred to as the city that never sleeps or the big apple. Well this is all true on both counts, with skyscrappers covering the sky line, to many places that are open 24 hours a day including the subways. But this is not all that New York has to offer. Many people come here for the romance (sleepless in Seattle springs to mind) or a bit of retail therapy by shopping in many of the high branded shops. There is so much to do here and the most poignant part was every day passing where the twin towers once stood. We caught the Path into the World Trade Centre station every day, came up to ground level to get to our next destination within the city.

The twin towers at World Trade Centre is now called One World Trade Centre. When we visited they had started to build and develop the One World Trade Centre and its memorial so we haven't seen the new construction, however the surrounding area at the time felt very cereal. Starting in the underground in the Path station with it feeling very dark, and can see a lot of the foundations underground affected by the towers collapsing onto the Path station. To coming up to ground level with the natural light pouring through. Standing at the foot of where two buildings of the Twin Towers once stood and the other building towering over this empty space, knowing that so many innocent people were injured or lost their lives is a very emotional place to be. Just down the block is a fire station with a memorial plaque of all their members who lost their lives trying to save other peoples, it is surprising the numbers!

We personally went up the Rockefeller Centre to the Top of the Rock, to see the sites of the city from above. This gives the vantage point to take pictures of the Empire State Building but also a great view of Central Park and many other sites of the city from above. Depending on what you prefer you can always reach the top of the Empire State building for the views of the city, but you just won't get the shot of the Empire State building in them. Standing at the top of the building really shows off how large this city really is, and how tall the surrounding buildings really are.

In order to visit the Statue of Liberty, a ferry will take you to the island from Manhattan. We personally visited the island only to see the Statue. You can climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty to see the amazing views of New York, it is always best to book this in advance, as this is very popular. When landing on the island, the statue towers over you. It is different seeing it so close, compared to a small looking Statue from a distance.

Just marveling at Grand Central station is enough, however this station will take you to many areas outside of New York. The first thing I noticed in New York is everything seems so much larger than back home. Grand Central has very high ceilings which have an incredible feature to stare at, and the floor is made from marble. If you are feeling hungry, then there is a restaurant and bar to fill you up before you head of on your journey.

The one building that is sort after, is the Flatiron building. It's triangular shape, which resemble an iron can be seen best from traffic island between Broadway and Fifth Ave. It definitely stands out with the surrounding building being of a square/rectangle in shape.

Visiting time Square has to be on that list of things to see in New York City, with so many shops, restaurants, bars and the lights to see. There are so many other places to visit and see in New York which we missed out, but we will soon be back for more.

Places to stay

New York is a large city in the USA, there is plenty of places to stay from luxury hotels to cheap motels. The USA are not known for their B&B's so a motel would be the closest thing. Whilst we were in New York we stayed with a friend who lives there in her apartment. The first thing we noticed is how large everything is out there. The apartment has two walk in wardrobes which we certainly wouldn't get here, a cupboard maybe but not a walk in wardrobe. When we did our travelling to Washington DC and Niagara Falls, we stayed in cheap 3 star motels. Accommodation can be affordable depending on where you stay and if it is luxury or budget.

Getting around

Getting around New York City is easy due to the public transport available such as the Metro, buses or taxi's. Getting to other areas surrounding areas can easily be done by catching a train from Grand Central Station, or if you fancy a road trip why not hire a cheap and reliable car or campervan and travel around the country to see more. There are also many cheap domestic flights to further afield designations.

Places to eat

New York has many varieties of food outlets from 5* restaurants too cheap cafes. As New York is very multicultural, you can also find different varieties of cuisine, along with the standard fast food restaurants such as McDonald's.

Did you know there were waterfalls in New York? If not, there are other ways to explore New York and not just the city. To find out more about the best waterfalls in New York, then head over to this complete guide to finding waterfalls in New York.

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